About UsThe Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a non-profit organisation and the largest association of scuba divers in the world. It has 7 000 members locally and more than 400000 internationally. The dues from these members are used to fund the organisation.

DAN’s primary and most important mission is dive safety, and every one of DAN’s activities is dedicated to this purpose, from assisting divers in emergency situations to developing and implementing safety projects and programmes and furthering dive medicine and safety research.
As a member you are connected to all these services and offerings from DAN, including 24/7/365 access to a network of specialist doctors to assist you in an emergency or with any diving medical queries you have, DAN’s latest news and research, DAN courses and seminars, emergency medical evacuation assistance and benefits for scuba diving accidents.

DAN was founded in Durham, North Carolina, USA in 1980. Starting as a single phone on a desk at Duke University providing 24/7 assistance, DAN has expanded globally with independent international offices in America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and Southern Africa. DAN Southern Africa was established in 1996 with less than a thousand members.

Today more than 7000 divers are proud to call themselves members of DAN-SA. With its headoffice in Midrand, DAN-SA is a well-established Public Benefit Organization with an in-house hotline, four full-time staff members, a medical director, a team of seven on-call diving doctors, seven board members, and three company directors. DAN is your dive safety organisation.

DAN Southern Africa is a Public Benefit Organisation that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, and provides a wide range of research, education and training programmes that promote safe diving. DAN-SA is supported by more than 6 000 fellow divers with a further 400 000 international divers supporting DAN America, DAN Europe, DAN Japan and DAN Asia Pacific.
Travel Notice

A travel notification is to ensure that DAN-SA knows when our members travel abroad, and to add this note on our system. With the information provided by you, the DAN-SA Member, we would be able to ensure adequate planning for any potential evacuation procedures and advise you on the availability of appropriate treatment facilities where you will be diving. Please note that DAN-SA membership is not insurance and is secondary to any other Insurance or Medical Aid you might have. The travel notification only applies to active DAN-SA members.

Important: Please also note that there is a limitation on DAN Membership benefits – especially for remote and complicated evacuations. It is always advisable to take additional comprehensive travel insurance in conjunction with your DAN Membership to make up any possible shortfall in such cases.

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