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NAUI Courses Introductory Program

NAUI Introductory Programs

The NAUI Scuba Diver class is an entry-level certification course where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely dive in open water. During the course, you will learn about modern dive equipment, diving sciences, responsible diving practices and the environment. Diving skills will be taught and practiced first in a confined water environment and finally during your open water training dives with your NAUI Instructor.

Individuals ages 10+ and in good physical condition may enroll in a NAUI Scuba Diver course.

NAUI Diver Courses

NAUI Diver Courses

The NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver course is for certified divers who desire additional training or orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions. During training, students complete a minimum of six open-water dives, including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving, and deep diving (130 feet/40 meters of maximum depth), plus three additional dives based on individual preferences and available options.

Divers must be a minimum of 10 years of age, in good health and must be previously certified as a NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent.

NAUI Specialty Diver Courses

Specialty Diver Courses

NAUI Specialty Diver Courses are designed to give divers the knowledge and skills to safely and confidently explore a variety of underwater environments and activities. There are over 40 different specialty courses available, covering everything from night diving and underwater photography to wreck diving and public safety diving.

If you’re looking to expand your diving horizons and gain new skills, a NAUI Specialty Diver Course is a great way to do it. With so many different courses to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you.

NAUI Technical Diver Courses

Technical Diver Courses

Our NAUI Technical Diving Courses teach scuba divers the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and confidently explore the underwater world beyond the recreational limits. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including mixed gas diving, rebreather diving, overhead environments, and diver propulsion vehicles.

Technical diving is a challenging and rewarding activity, but it is important to remember that it is also an advanced form of diving that requires specialized training and equipment.

NAUI Freediver Courses

Freediving Courses

NAUI Freediving Courses are designed to teach divers the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and comfortably explore the underwater world using breath-hold diving techniques. Learn the basics of breath-hold diving, including safety procedures, equalization, and static apnea.

NAUI Leadership Instructor Courses

Leadership & Instructor Courses

NAUI Leadership and Instructor Courses are designed to train and qualify divers to become leaders and instructors in the scuba diving community. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including teaching methods, safety procedures, and diver assessment.