Specialty Diver Bundle

Open Water Diver & Enriched Air Nitrox Bundle


Minimum Age: 10
Certification Prerequisites: The prerequisite for this program is the SSI Open Water Diver certification or its equivalent. See individual program descriptions for further information.
Academic Sessions: Varies
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: Varies
Open Water Dives: 12
Maximum Training Depth: Varies
Suggested Duration: Varies

Earn SSI Specialty Diver Certification

SSI Specialty Diver is your first step toward becoming an SSI Master Diver and can begin as soon as you complete your Open Water Diver training. By completing any two SSI Specialty programs that interest you, and logging 12 open water dives, you will automatically receive the SSI Specialty Diver recognition rating along with your SSI Specialty program certifications.

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