Free Diver

Unleash your inner freediver and explore the underwater world like never before! The Freediver course will teach you the skills, safety, and problem-solving techniques you need to comfortably enjoy the underwater world and improve your breath-holding abilities.

During your Freediver certification course, you will learn the fundamentals of freediving, including the physics and physiology of breath-holding, essential safety procedures, proper breathing techniques, equalization for deep diving, and open water skills for freediving to specific depths.

Get Started

NAUI Freediving courses are taught by experienced instructors who have been certified by Performance Freediving International (PFI). Individuals who are in good physical condition and at least 12 years old are eligible to enroll in these courses.


Planning Ahead

NAUI and PFI have partnered to offer the most cutting-edge and safest freediving training standards in the world. PFI offers a variety of recreational, competitive, and instructor development programs for freedivers of all levels. NAUI Freedivers who want to advance their skills and depth range beyond the Freediver level can enroll in a PFI Intermediate Freediver course.

What’s Next?

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