NAUI Introductory Programs

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Try Scuba/Passport Diver

The NAUI Try Scuba/Passport Diver program is an introductory, non-certification program that will introduce non-divers to scuba diving under closely controlled conditions.

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Tandem Scuba Diver

The NAUI Tandem Scuba Dive is a premiere, private, one-on-one scuba diving experience for those who are interested in exploring our underwater world for the first time.

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Skin Diver

The NAUI Skin Diver course is a beginner-level course that teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to safely and enjoyably explore the underwater world using only a mask, fins, snorkel, and a weight belt.

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Get Certified/Scuba Diver

This course teaches divers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to safely and enjoyably explore the underwater world within recreational limits.