NAUI Try Scuba / Passport Diver

Imagine the feeling of weightlessness as you float underwater, breathing freely through your scuba gear. The NAUI Try Scuba/Passport Diver program is an introductory program that will allow you to experience the thrill of scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment.

Get Started

The NAUI Try Scuba/Passport Diver program is open to individuals ages 10+ in good physical condition. Individuals ages 8+ may participate in the confined water portion of the program. To enroll, simply contact us to get the process started.

Planning Ahead

After you have completed this introductory program and would like the diving experience, the next step is to continue your underwater adventure by getting certified as a NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver.

What’s Next?

Complete your details and brief introduction to begin the registration process.