Underwater Imaging

The underwater world is full of breathtaking beauty, from colorful coral reefs to schools of fish to mysterious shipwrecks. How can you possibly capture all of this wonder and share it with others? With NAUI’s Underwater Photographer or Underwater Videographer courses, you’ll learn the skills and techniques you need to take stunning underwater photos and videos.

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The NAUI Underwater Photographer course will teach you the skills, techniques, and tricks you need to take stunning underwater photos. You’ll learn about lighting, photographic equipment, the fundamentals of photography, underwater camera techniques, and how to troubleshoot underwater photo problems.

In the NAUI Underwater Videographer course, you will master the skills and knowledge you need to safely and enjoyably create underwater videos. Your instructor will teach you the camera techniques and underwater camera controls you need to produce videos that you can share with family and friends.

Get Started

Minimum age for these courses is 15 years plus certification as a NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent. (Junior certification is allowed for ages 10-14.)

Planning Ahead

To add more excitement to your underwater photography or videography journey, you can combine it with other diving courses or activities. This will give you more opportunities to capture the beauty of the underwater world and document your underwater adventures. With a little bit of practice, you might just become the next Emmy Award-winning underwater explorer!

What’s Next?

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